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01. CD Spindle (Duplication)


Base price includes CD-R with full color text print on disc, assembled on spindles (or bulk).

For quantities above 500 please look in our CD Replication product category for more economical pricing options.

SKU: N/A Category:

Product Details

Includes Recorded CD-R with Print on Discs, assembled on spindles (or bulk).

With Duplication you may order any quantity. If you would like to order an exact quantity not shown (e.g. 125, 150, etc…) contact us and we will set up your order for you.

IF YOU HAVE A SET REQUIRED DATE for this project please contact us, in most circumstances we can work with you and accommodate most deadlines with very fast turn around times.

RUSH ORDERS: Available Upon Request and Approval. In certain circumstances we may be able to complete your project to meet your deadline without incurring any additional rush fees depending on volume of in-house production work at time of order. Please inquire.
MANUFACTURING TURN TIME:  Starts FROM time of all final Graphic Artwork Approval, Master Disc (or files) in-house, Payment submitted – Turn Time does not begin at the time the order is placed.
STANDARD DUPLICATION MANUFACTURING TURN TIME: 1 to 9 Business Days Depending on the Product You Choose and volume of in-house production work at time of order (excludes Holidays & Weekends)
STANDARD REPLICATION MANUFACTURING TURN TIME: 10 to 14 Business Days Depending on the Product You Choose and volume of in-house production work at time of order (excludes Holidays & Weekends)

Duplication content is recorded on CD-R or DVD-R discs and printed with inkjet print on disc. Additional printing methods available.

DUPLICATION Can be requested on any Quantity. In general, duplication is most cost efficient for quantities 500 and under.
REPLICATION Automatically starts at 1000 Quantity unless specified otherwise. In general, replication is most cost efficient for quantities 1000 and above.
***You may request REPLICATION  at time of order for Quantities 500 to 999, otherwise Anaphora will determine which process is best for your particular project.

*What is the difference between Replication & Duplication?



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