HELP CENTER:  Where Do I Start?

If this is your first time ordering CD or DVD duplication or replication, we understand that it can be a very technical and sometimes intimidating process for a first-time customer.  We’ll do our best to make the process as easy as possible for you while satisfying your project needs.  Please remember you can always contact us with any questions along the way.  We’ll always be glad to help.

Replication or Duplication?

There are two different processes involved in making CDs and DVDs for you to choose from:duplication and replication. Duplication involves recording onto blank recordable discs called CD-Rs or DVD-Rs.  It’s well suited for very fast turnaround. Replication involves creating a stamper from a glass master that is used to manufacture the discs.  Replication is the retail standard.

The first thing we need to do is determine which process is best for you.  Typically, your project needs, such as quantity and turnaround, will determine this for you.  For example, if you need CDs tomorrow then duplication is most likely your most cost effective option. Or, if you require several thousand retail-ready units with over-wrap, replication is most likely your best option.

Packaging, Presentation & Preparation

Have you decided on the packaging and presentation for your project?  For example, is your project going to be in retail, requiring commercial packaging?  Or do you just need basic packaging of the disc, such as a clamshell case?  Packaging options and examples are explained in more depth on our glossary page.  If you’re not sure which option is best for your project, please contact us for advice.

Once you decide which package option is best for you then it’s time to think about the layout, which is created and/or setup by a graphic artist.  Anaphora has excellent graphic artists on staff to assist you with your project.  Even if you don’t use us for your graphic art, we strongly advise using a graphic artist that is experienced in creating press-ready artwork, not just artwork for websites or for viewing on a computer monitor.  It can make a difference in the print quality of your project.  Please have your graphic artist use our templates.

Then, it’s time to create your master disc.  The master disc is the disc copy that we are going to use to create all of your duplicates or replicates.  Here are some helpful tips on creating your master disc copy

We also provide DVD authoring and video services.

Processing Your Order

When your artwork and master copy are ready, it’s time to place your order.  Orders may be placed online or bydownloading and printing our order forms. You may send us a physical master disc and art files or you may upload the tracks and art files. Here’s more info on what happens once we receive your order.  When we receive your artwork it is setup & prepared for press.  A final set of digital proofs are then emailed to you for your approval before we begin.  Digital proofs are usually emailed within one business day of receiving your order.  Please allow more time if we are preparing graphic artwork for you as well.  Once your approval is received, then we begin duplicating or replicating your order and your estimated turnaround time begins.