Files may be submitted in PC or MAC format

ubmit final design file as a layered PSD, PDF, AI, EPS or high quality JPG. Click the link below to download the compressed template you need. Allow 1/16″ bleed for disc templates & 1/8″ bleed for all packaging templates. Please contact us for additional templates, such as booklet and specialty insert templates. If you have difficulty downloading templates please contact us and we’ll be glad to email them to you.


Business Card CD (50M)PDF
Business Card CD (80M)PDF
Jewel 2 panel insertZIPPDFEPS
Jewel 4 panel insertZIPPDFEPS
Jewel 6 panel insertZIP
Jewel 8 panel insertZIP
Jewel tray cardZIPPDFEPS
Cardboard singleZIP
Amaray (DVD case)ZIPPDFEPS
Amaray 2 panel insertZIPPDFEPS
Digipak 4 panelZIP

Not sure if you need a duplication or replication disc template?
Please contact us for guidance.  We’ll be glad to help.


Need an experienced press-ready graphic artist to help you with your project? We’ll be glad to help. Click here for more info.

If you are supplying your own artwork, to avoid production delays, please be sure to:

1. Use the proper image resolution.
Use minimum 300 dpi resolution for images and vector art for text. Do not use “Web Art” directly off of a website as these look fine on screen but will not print well.

2. Create proper bleed margins:
Provide the extra bleed that extends past the finished cut size if you are using images that go to edge of template. Do NOT cut art off at edges of finished cut size or cut out inner hole on CD’s/DVD’s – our software will automatically do that – fill in entire area.

3. Use proper image area for crucial items, leaving enough space from edges.
Leave a minimum of 1/8″ to 1/4″ from edge of template for any crucial info such as text.

4. Use CMYK color space for your art. Do NOT use RGB.

5. Use only Anaphora templates for all your artwork.

6. Supply all necessary fonts.
Preferably convert all type to paths before saving so fonts are not necessary.

7. Include any necessary links to images.
Do not embed images, link them.

8. Leave our template on separate layer (do NOT delete template guide) but do NOT flatten template layer with your artwork layer.

9. Submit art files separately from your master CD/DVD.
You may submit art by mailing it to us, drop off in person, or by emailing art less than 5mb.

If submitting art electronically, any art that is over 5mb can be sent via any free ftp site such as www.dropbox.com by uploading your files to a folder on the free ftp site and sharing that folder with our email address: info@anaphoradiscs.com. Make sure to include your project title and your contact info when submitting art via ftp.

Any questions? Please contact us. We’ll be glad to help!!


If your project requires additional work then additional charges may apply.

Click here for DVD Authoring and Menu Creation.

We can work with custom projects. Please contact us if you need additional pricing.