Digital Proofs & Proofing
Once your artwork is ready for duplication or replication, a sample view of each art file, called a digital proof, is emailed to you for approval. The process of receiving and approving proofs is called proofing.  Once your proofs are emailed to you your project is on hold until your written approval is received via email.

The proofing step is very important because this is the absolute last chance to correct any mistakes or make any desired changes to your artwork before duplication or replication work begins.

PDF proofs are low-res, meaning that the they are not print quality. The files that we actually print from are on average about 100 times larger than your proofs.

So, if you print your proofs on your PC they will not be nearly as clear as the print-ready files. They are just for layout reference, not print quality.

Hard Copy Proof
A digital proof is used to verify your layout, not colors. A hard copy proof is an actual finished print version of your project on paper or disc. It’s produced the same way the rest of your project will be run, so it’s a very accurate representation of how your project is going to look off the press. The amount of setup time to run one copy or five thousand is the same, so there are costs involved to create hard copy proofs. A set of digital proofs are included with every order.

Now that you understand how we ensure printing of the correct layout, let’s take a look at how & why to ensure that your files are properly setup for duplication or replication. Read more…