Licensed & Royalty Free Music

Anaphora Discs produces royalty free music accompaniment for websites, presentations, CD-ROMs, video products, meetings, software, video games and more.

From 30 second loops to hours of custom made royalty free music, Anaphora Music provides royalty free musical accompaniment to satisfy your needs.

Our royalty free music accompaniment is for your continued, on-going use. Our clients are not required to pay licensing fees for each use. These licensing fees are included in the one-time purchase price of the music. 

We offer fast and convenient solutions for our customers with your choice of MP3 downloads or audio CDs & DVDs. Choose any musical style and theme, from Latin to Country to Classical to Rock, your royalty free musical accompaniment can help create the perfect mood of you desire.

We Are Better
Our royalty free music accompaniment is better because it’s real music, recorded with live instruments instead of computer generated. Anaphora Music is an experienced music production company with composition, recording studio, mastering and engineering resources to produce musical accompaniment that sounds like it was made by professionals just for you.

Contact us for pricing for individual tracks or complete CDs.

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