Enhanced CD Creation (Data + Audio on the same disc)

Anaphora Music can create and duplicate or replicate Enhanced CDs and CD-Rs. Enhanced CDs will play audio on any standard CD player but also contain data that the user can access on his or her computer.  Enhanced CDs are perfect for business card CDs or for artists that want to make their CDs stand out from the rest.

For example, Anaphora can create an Enhanced CD for you that includes your video presentation or advertisement along with pricing or support information, all on a customized business card CD. We can even incorporate links to your website so your prospective customers can just click and go straight to your website.

For the music artist, Anaphora can create the ideal marketing and retail product in one CD that features your music video along with your retail music.  For your retail CDs it’s added value to your customers while promoting your music.  For your promotional CDs it’s an attention grabber for the gate keeper that’s reviewing your material.

  Enhanced CD Creation Prices   Click price to buy now
  Enhanced CD Basic Package 100 Includes supplied audio tracks, one video file, no menu
  Enhanced CD Package # 1 150 Same as Basic Package, but includes menu
  Enhanced CD Package # 2 250 #1 plus your supplied photos, documents & web links
  Enhanced CD Package # 3 350 #2 plus custom slideshow with background music

All audio and video files are supplied by the customer.  We can supply licensed background music for your project.  Please contact us for more info.

We work extensively with custom projects.  Please contact us for more info or additional pricing.