DuplicationThe content is recorded onto CD-R & DVD-R discs from your supplied disc (CD-R or DVD-R). Duplication is used for all quantities, large and small, and offers the fastest turnaround.
ReplicationDiscs are pressed from a glass master that is made from your supplied disc (CD-R or DVD-R). Replication requires extensive technical setup and is only used for quantities of 500 & more.
Please contact us for assistance if you are not sure which process, duplication or replication, is best for you. We’ll be glad to help! Read more about how CDs work.

Graphic Art & Proofing Terms

BleedThe extra amount of that your art image extends beyond the trim edge of your artwork.
CMYKCyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black, the four primary colors used to generate full color press, or high quality, printing.
ProofingOnce your artwork is ready for duplication or replication, a sample view, called a proof, is emailed to you for approval. The process of receiving and approving proofs is called proofing.  Once your proofs are emailed to you your project is on hold until your approval is received. Read more…
RGBRed, Green & Blue, the primary colors used to create images for viewing on a PC monitor.
ResolutionImage density measured in dots per inch.

Packaging Terms

Amaray Casestandard DVD case.
Cardboard Sleevefolding sleeve with a pocket to hold the disc. A wallet sleeve opens like a 4 panel insert.
Clamshelllightweight plastic case, sometimes called a c-shell case from it’s appearance.
Digipaksimilar to a cardboard sleeve but it includes a tray to hold the disc rather than a pocket.
Insertthe removable sleeve stored in the jewel case lid.
2 panel insert1 page with a front and back, no folds.
4 panel insert2 pages on each side, 1 fold.
6 panel insert3 pages on each side, 2 folds.
8 panel insert4 pages on each side, 3 folds.
10 panel insert5 pages on each side, 4 folds.
Booklet insertopens as a book and contains a minimum of 8 panels.
Jewel casea typical plastic Compact Disc case.
PanelA section of an insert folder between two folds or between a fold and a trimmed edge. One panel is considered to be two pages, a front and back for each.
Spindlecylinder shaped case for holding large quantities of CDs.
Sleevepaper envelope fitted for CDs with a clear window on the front.
Slimlinehalf the thickness of a standard jewel case. Slimlines can fit an insert but not a tray card.
Tray cardthe permanent page on the underside of the jewel case with a spine for labeling the CD.

Printing Terms

The first number indicates the color of the front. The second number indicates the color of the back.

0 = no print, 1 = one color & 4 = full color.

For example, a 4/4 (4 over 4) four panel insert package would include a four panel insert with full color printing on the front & back.

4/0Indicates full color print on the front and no print on the back.
4/1Indicates full color print on the front and one color print on the back.
4/4Indicates full color print on the front and full color print on the back.
Over& Under RunThe number of units an order is over or under


OffsetThe superior on-disc print process resulting in improved images, skin tones, full color graphics and text. Replication on-disc print is printed on a shiny silver disc face.
ScreenThe on disc print process using mesh screens and stencils.
Anaphora Music provides an offset or screen print option for replication orders at no additional cost.


Text & logo printFull color text print, including small logos and lines. All duplication prices include full color text print on the disc.
Full coverage printFull color and full coverage print, 100% of the printable disc surface. All duplication prices include text print on the disc. Click here for more info and full coverage print prices.
CD faceThe top surface of the CD where printing occurs. Anaphora Music features a white or soft gray disc face for duplication on-disc printing. Please click here if you would like to see non-printed samples, or visit our Clients page to see printed samples.