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Guidance and advice on the entire ordering process from start to finish, great insight for first-time clients

Help with all of the duplication, replication & printing terminology

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
Provides extensive information and answers to many questions on the whole duplication & replication process

Graphic Art Design
We can create your art designs or help you with your designs, even if you have no understanding of art design

Press-Ready Graphic Artist
Insight into why it’s so important for the proper graphic artist to assist you with your artwork

Creating a master disc
Help with creating the master disc that we use for duplication or replication

Order Processing
Help understanding what to expect after we receive your order

Helpful information about your proofs and how to get the most out of the proofing process

Rush Orders
Have an emergency project?  We can help!

How CDs work & how we create them
Provides insight into how CDs & DVDs work and the creation process