Disc Duplication Ink Coverage Print Prices

(Does not apply to Replication orders) 
Our Duplication on-disc print pricing is based on the amount of print coverage on the disc. All Duplication prices include full color text print. There is no additional charge for color.

The following applies to DUPLICATED DISCS only and does NOT APPLY to replicated discs, offset printed or silkscreen printed discs, nor does it apply to any printed items such as inserts, tray cards, jackets, sleeves etc… On those items color and coverage make no difference in pricing.

Text Print on the disc is included in all product base prices at no additional charge. Text print allows for any text information and a small logo on the disc design for print onto disc.

Partial Coverage print allows up to 50% of the disc to be covered with ink which can be combination of text, logo, design and/or photograph, background solids or tints, regardless of color.

Full Coverage print allows coverage of the entire surface of the disc, regardless of color. Full coverage allows for any design including text, logos, solids, photographs, tints, etc…

If you’re not sure which of the above categories your design falls under please send us a sample mock up of your disc design and we will let you know. Again, please keep in mind ink coverage pricing only applies to DUPLICATION, there is no difference in price for ink coverage variations if we are REPLICATING your discs (replication is generally for quantities 500 and above).

The additional cost per unit for Partial Coverage Print:

Qty Per unit
1-299 $0.30
300-999 0.25
1000 & up 0.20


The additional cost per unit for Full Coverage Print:

Qty Per unit
1-299 $0.60
300-999 0.48
1000 & up 0.39


Text Print, Partial Coverage & Full Coverage Print Samples:

Text Print Example:


Partial Coverage Print Example:


Full Coverage Print Example: