DVD Authoring, Encoding & Menu Creation

Authoring and encoding are not required if submitting a finished master. Finished masters include a Video_TS folder, DDP, ISO, or IMG.

If you do not have your finished master created, we can create one for you using menus for your existing DVDs or create DVD masters with your files.  We can also edit video for your DVD.  From basic home movies to pro gear, we can accommodate your needs.  General pricing is outlined below.  We can also create Enhanced CDs (Data + Audio on the same disc). If your project requires additional work then additional charges may apply:

Basic DVD Authoring & Menu Creation Prices:

DVD Encoding Basic Package = Encoding one video file up to 120 minutes (depending on video quality), no menu. Contact us if your video is over 120 minutes.

DVD Encoding Package 1 = Basic package plus basic menu creation.

DVD Encoding Package 2 = Up to 5 video files and a custom menu with optional animated thumbnails or slideshow or custom audio for home menu page.

DVD Encoding Package 3 = Same as Package 2 with up to 11 video files plus optional subchapter menu pages.

Additional Add-On Services:

Pricing for basic DVD encoding & menu creation includes encoding one video file & creating one main menu.Additional options, such as sub menus, chapters, video thumbnails, etc., are additional based on your needs.  Click this link for video conversions (VHS to DVD, MiniDV to DVD, etc.).

If your project requires additional work then additional charges may apply.  All video files are supplied by the customer. We can supply background music for your project. We work extensively with custom projects. Please contact us for more info or additional pricing

Featured Projects
Keni Thomas
Keni Thomas is one of the real-life characters in the movie Blackhawk Down. His HERO FUND raises money for children of our fallen soldiers. You can also see him performing with his band, Cornbread, in the movie Sweet Home Alabama, starring Reese Witherspoon.
Humidity Entertainment
Award winning television producers whose recent projects include the mega-hit TV seriesTwo-A-Days on MTV and the Dirt Poor Comedy Tour.
Mother’s Finest
Known as one of the best funk rock bands, the Mother’s Finest performance at Rockpalast is still considered one of the best live shows on DVD.
13 Stories
13 Stories was selected for a feature in a majorFORD Motors TV commercial and radio ad campaign.