CD/DVD Duplication (does not apply to Replication OR Additional Product Duplication category)

CD Disc Face Surface Options For On-Disc Printing:

Please note that the quantity you order, the product you order and your artwork determines what disc surface is ideal and available for your project. For example, if your art involves 1 to 3 solid colors, silk screening may be the best option, however, if your art involves photos or tints offset or inkjet may be the best option. Each method of printing is best suited to particular disc face surfaces. For example, photographs look great on most surfaces but do not do well on matte gray or shiny silver surfaces. If you’re not sure, send us a mock up of your art and we’ll be glad to suggest the best option.

  • White (Included in base price)

Standard White is ideal for most projects at an affordable price. Disc has a flat white surface.

  • Matte Gray

Matte Gray is ideal for projects with text and/or line art. The dull gray disc finish gives a slight metallic look to the printed ink. Matte Gray is not intended for art that contains images as it can change the intended color of the ink. For images a white disc is recommended.

  • Smart White

Smart white discs provide a superior white coat finish. Unlike standard discs, the center portion is entirely uniform without the typical shade variation.

  • Glossy White

Glossy White is ideal choice for professionals looking for a glossy photo finish. The Glossy White disc makes ink colors more vibrant and alive at a more affordable price than WaterShield Glossy White.

  • Watershield Gloss White

Unlike normal discs, WaterShield is water resistant, scratch resistant, and features a glossy finish to make colors more vibrant. WaterShield media is the best way to ensure your discs stay protected from harsh everyday elements.

  • Shiny Silver*

*Shiny Silver for products in our “Additional Products” category incurs no additional charge. Shiny Silver Discs require minimum 100 quantity order, are only intended for text  and/or line art (not images), and require additional manufacturing time.

White CD/DVD

Gray CD

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