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Welcome!  The Online Musician Resource Guide is a compilation of helpful links to important websites, articles, information and insight for independent musicians.


21 Songwriting Tips
by Ken Hill

35 Tips for Self-Management as a Musician
by Christopher Knab

How to Help the Music Industry Take You Seriously
by Chris Standring

How to Write an Artist Bio
by Christopher Knab

How to Write a Press Release
by Suzanne Glass

Music Screening – Realistically Assessing The Quality Of Your Music Submissions
by Tom Leu

Copyright Quick Start
by Anthony Bressi

Power Words: How to Make Your Song Lyrics Stronger
by Stan Swanson

Marketing Overview
by Vivek J. Tiwary

Your First Recording Session
by Jeff Wheaton

The Hows and Whys of Distribution
by Alexis Kelley

Record Distribution: 25 Tips
by Christopher Knab

Booking Local / Club Shows
by Carrie Klein

Case Study: Increasing Club Draw
by Rob Siano

Be Committed – You’ll Never Be Famous If You Don’t Show Up!
by Shena Metal

Booking Agents and National Touring
by Max McAndrew

Set Goals: Your Rockstardom Wasn’t Built in a Day
by Shena Metal

Press And Publicity
by Vivek J. Tiwary

Reasons Demos Are Rejected
by Christopher Knab

Performance Royalties
by Keith Holzman


ASCAP collects performance royalties on behalf of composers

BMI collects performance royalties on behalf of composers

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Articles and bookstore for independent musicians

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Free promotion and networking for independent bands

SoundScan tracks the sales of music and video products

Radio promotion, artist management, artist consulting and critiques

Informative articles, interviews and resources

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