DVD Slimline (Replication)

DVD Slimline (Replication)


Plus or Minus 10% Under Run or Over Run applies to all Replication orders as standard industry practice.
You will only be charged for actual final count of good discs produced. Prices shown to not include shipping & handling.

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    Choose 1-Color or Full-Color CD face printing!

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  • FILE Submission Options: You may supply us with a Final ready to copy Master DVD or a DDP or ISO file at no extra charge on certain products depending on type of order and quantity. Contact us for our mailing address if you’re mailing us a physical master disc or dropping it off at our location. We can also convert your .MOV, .MP4 or Video format to DVD standard for $59* for you. Please select this option if you DO NOT have a Physical DVD Master, DDP or ISO ready DVD. *This price may be subject to change based on the complexity of the DVD content and may require extra charges for excessively large files or if your project requires a menu or other specialized content.

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  • Choose to upload your own completed professional design files now, or upload them at a later time, email them to us, or let our professional graphic artists design your art for you. A free digital proof will be provided for you to approve before any production occurs. The prices shown are for standard design service which allows for up to 1 hour per item (disc, insert, tray card, etc...). Depending on your specific needs this price may be lowered or increased. We will contact you if your design incurs any additional charges. If providing your own art please make sure it complies with our templates. Contact us if you need a template for your project. Please note that these discounted design prices ONLY apply when you are ordering discs from us, if you cancel order or order art design only without discs design prices will increase accordingly. We will provide layout consultation and design work. Logo design or Photo Editing may incur additional charges.

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Product Details

Includes Recorded CD-R or DVD-R with Print on Discs, case & assembly.

RUSH ORDERS: Available Upon Request and Approval. In certain circumstances we may be able to complete your project to meet your deadline without incurring any additional rush fees depending on volume of in-house production work at time of order. Please inquire.
MANUFACTURING TURN TIME:  Starts FROM time of all final Graphic Artwork Approval, Master Disc (or files) in-house, Payment submitted – Turn Time does not begin at the time the order is placed.
STANDARD DUPLICATION MANUFACTURING TURN TIME: 1-9 Business Days Depending on the Product You Choose and volume of in-house production work at time of order (excludes Holidays & Weekends)
STANDARD REPLICATION MANUFACTURING TURN TIME: 10-14 Business Days Depending on the Product You Choose and volume of in-house production work at time of order (excludes Holidays & Weekends)

Replication content is stamped onto discs and printed with offset or screen print on disc.
DUPLICATION Can be requested on any Quantity. In general, duplication is most cost efficient for quantities 500 and under.
REPLICATION Automatically starts at 1000 Quantity unless specified otherwise. In general, replication is most cost efficient for quantities 1000 and above.
***You may request REPLICATION  at time of order for Quantities 500 to 999, otherwise Anaphora will determine which process is best for your particular project.

Contact us if interested in color Slim Jewel casing.

*Please note that color cases are specialty order and may require additional time.

*What is the difference between Replication & Duplication?

*Projects with adult-oriented content and explicit lyrics are subject to price change as some of our print processes do not allow for explicit lyrics/contents and some do. Call for details if your project contains explicit material. Anaphora reserves the right to reject any material containing hate or anti-religious content.


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