11. CDs in 6-Panel Sleeves

11. CDs in 6-Panel Sleeves


Retail Ready. Base price includes CD-R with full color print on disc, full color printed 6 panel sleeves, shrink wrap (or wafer tab) & assembly. The Disc panel on this product is half panel for easy disc removal. We also offer 6 Panel Eco Sleeves if your art design requires a full panel.

This product qualifies for FREE Shipping!

If you would like 4 panel sleeves or digipak options please see our CD Product Category.

**For quantities above 2500 please contact us for a quote.

  • Disc Printing

    Choose 1-Color or Full-Color CD face printing!

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  • If we are creating a master from your uploaded tracks and you're not supplying us with a ready to burn master disc: Choose if you want your Audio Tracks & Artist Names to show up when you insert your CD into a text-enabled CD player. The track names and/or the names of the performers will appear on the LCD screen. CD-Text, unlike song names showing up on iTunes or Windows Media Player, is embedded into the CD itself. We can also add provided ISRC codes when we add the CD-Text – please supply the ISRC codes at the time of order.

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  • We'll make it easy for retailers to sell your product, by adding a custom barcode to your disc. Yours, just by requesting it!

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  • Some products (such as Jewel Case Products) may be over wrapped based on quantity & type of product ordered. For more details please contact us.

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  • Choose to upload your own completed professional design files now, or upload them at a later time, email them to us, or let our professional graphic artists design your art for you. A free digital proof will be provided for you to approve before any production occurs. The prices shown are for standard design service which allows for up to 1 hour per item (disc, insert, tray card, etc...). Depending on your specific needs this price may be lowered or increased. We will contact you if your design incurs any additional charges. If providing your own art please make sure it complies with our templates. Contact us if you need a template for your project. Please note that these discounted design prices ONLY apply when you are ordering discs from us, if you cancel order or order art design only without discs design prices will increase accordingly. We will provide layout consultation and design work. Logo design or Photo Editing may incur additional charges.

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  • Please see details below for standard turnaround times expected for this product.

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Product Details

Sturdy & Retail Ready, 6 Panel Sleeves are Full-Color Custom printed cardboard sleeves with CD’s that look great and ship fast. Base price includes CD-R with full color print on disc, full color printed 6 panel sleeves, shrink wrap (or wafer tab) & assembly. A perfect option for those looking for a low cost, small, light way to offer retail ready professionally made discs to buyers.

This affordable, eco-friendly packaging is produced in our state-of-the-art press room, then on to finishing and final assembly.
Choose from shrinkwrap or wafer seal closure.

  • Free PDF Proofs, Free Setup, 100% Quality Guarantee.
  • UPC bar code available for $25. Free for quantities 300 and above.

**Multi-Disc Options are Also Available. Contact us for details.

This item qualifies for FREE* Shipping!
*Free shipping offer available to any 1 east zone location (no P.O. Box). Multiple locations incur additional charges.

We also carry Multi-Disc case options.

Please contact us if you would like us to email you the most up to date artwork template for this product.

IF YOU HAVE A SET REQUIRED DATE for this project please contact us, in most circumstances we can work with you and accommodate most deadlines with very fast turn around times.

RUSH ORDERS: Available Upon Request and Approval. In certain circumstances we may be able to complete your project to meet your deadline without incurring any additional rush fees depending on volume of inhouse production work at time of order. Please inquire.

MANUFACTURING TURN TIME:  Starts FROM time of all final Graphic Artwork Approval, Master Disc (or files) inhouse, Payment submitted – Turn Time does NOT begin at the time the order is placed.
STANDARD DUPLICATION MANUFACTURING TURN TIME: Approx. 8 business days (excludes Holidays & Weekends)
STANDARD REPLICATION MANUFACTURING TURN TIME: 10 to 14 Business Days Depending on the Product You Choose and volume of inhouse production work at time of order (excludes Holidays & Weekends)

Duplication content is generally recorded on final layer of CD-R or DVD-R discs and printed on surface of disc with inkjet print on disc. Additional printing methods available.

Replication content is generally made from a glass master and pressed onto CD-R or DVD-R discs, then a coating is applied for protection, and generally printed with offset printing on surface of disc (Silk Screen is sometimes used depending on your art and set up). Additional printing methods available.

***Note: Anaphora always prints directly on the surface of our discs. We never use labels and highly discourage anyone from doing so. Labels can and have been known to peel and damage cd/dvd/bluray players.***

DUPLICATION Can be requested on any Quantity. In general, duplication is most cost efficient for quantities 500 and under.
REPLICATION Automatically starts at 1000 Quantity unless specified otherwise. In general, replication is most cost efficient for quantities 1000 and above.
***By default duplication will be used for quantities 500 to 999, however, you may request REPLICATION  at time of order for Quantities 500 to 999. Note that replication adds turn around time to your project.

*What is the difference between Replication & Duplication?

Quantity Ordering Options:
Plus or Minus 10% Over or Under run is standard trade policy practice. By default we will manufacture your order with the standard plus or minus 10% of quantity ordered and you will only be charged for Actual Final quantity produced. However, if you require an exact quantity we offer 3 types of ordering options. Please notify us as to which option you prefer at time of order placement otherwise Standard option will be used:

  1. Standard: Your discs will be produced with up to maximum of 10% over or 10% under quantity ordered. You will only be charged for actual final quantity produced. Note that this is the default option used if you do not specify which ordering option you prefer.
  2. No Under Run: Your discs will be produced with up to maximum of 10% over quantity ordered. However, your order will have no less than actual quantity ordered. You will only be charged for final quantity produced.
  3. No Over Run: Your discs will be produced with up to maximum of 10% under quantity ordered. However, your order will have no more than actual quantity ordered. You will only be charged for final quantity produced.


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