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    When your Anaphora Music replication or duplication order is complete we’ll keep a few units (you decide how many) to sell for you
    Anaphora Music will add your CD or DVD product to our online store by the time your order is completed
    Whether it’s music, video, spoken word, motivational speeches, software, data, etc., your product will be available for purchase worldwide
    We will give you a link so you can tell people where to buy your product
    We accept checks and all major credit cards from your customers, process payments & ship your product to your customers
    You can sell your product anywhere else you like
    You can cancel at any time
    You set the price for your product
    Anaphora Music only keeps $5 from every sale, which includes the cost of processing and handling your customer orders. The rest is yours!
    It’s FREE with every replication or duplication order, no set-up fees
    When your account reaches $20 or more a check will be mailed to you
    All you need to do is include the signed Online Store Submission Form with your CD/DVD duplication or CD/DVD replication order

*Anaphora Music reserves the right to refuse any title submission due to its content or for any reason a its sole discretion.